Your performance of it ["From an Overlook"] was truly special. The way you absorbed the feeling of the text in your body and face (through the entire piece, not just the third movement) gave it real depth and meaning in a way that shows through to the audience in such a clear way, and this is the distinction of a great communicator, which I believe is the chief goal of art-singing. You presented a human on stage, not just a voice. When you stand up in the third movement, it is clear that everything that has come before has given you a reason to sing what you will sing. This is the biggest question about singing: 'Why am I singing this, and why now?' You answered that question. So, thank you so much for a very special performance.”

— Preston Masters, Composer | Comments from the World Premiere Performance of "From an Overlook", April 7, 2017

[Madelyn] has been extremely influential to the people around her. She acts as a role model and constantly shows the ones around her that success can come to anyone.”

The Cauldron, Cleveland State University Publication

...Madelyn Hasebein, mezzo soprano, sings in a different key from her chorale accompaniment! ...great to hear a great piece of seldom sung music performed in stellar fashion.”

— Robert Blum, in reference to the performance of Aaron Copland's "In the Beginning" with CSU Chorale