After returning from my first solo trip overseas, I’ve finally come down with Covid. Quarantine has given me some time to process my wonderful experience with the Lucca Bel Canto Institute and consider my future career.

I am immensely grateful for the supporters of my GoFundMe and all of my instructors and teachers through this point in my life, as they had given me the encouragement to pursue music. I feel now I am growing into what comes next, as in one week abroad I’ve become a different singer, and I can now see opportunities and potential that I never thought was possible. I am feeling more grounded in my technique and as a person, and I have gained insight and clarity for the years ahead, too.

Fall 2023 is feeling like a season of planning, preparation, study, and (of course) practice. There are so many musical things to do, and I am additionally preparing to start my 200-Hour yoga teacher training this winter and even start offering public and private tarot readings.

Life is changing fast, and I am trying to let it lead me where I am meant to go. While freeing, it is difficult to let go of things that provide assured security and safety. For my adult life, if not even longer, “safety and security” was the goal. Once I had achieved these foundations, I assumed that was also happiness - I felt content. My recent experience has shown me that life can be so much more than contentment if I allow myself to take some (measured, of course) risks.

One week abroad has completely changed the way I view my career, my potential, and my life as a whole. For now I need to rest and recover, but I am looking forward to everything that lies ahead.